Live the Dream

Don Bosco College, Panaji organized a session by Rise Nation on ‘Live your Dream’ at the Bicentenary Hall on the campus. The Rise Nation Army’ Project was conceptualized by musician, songwriter, singer Varun Carvalho. The project aims to use music to positively influence the kids so that they can turn the tide from within and then hopefully be a positive force in society. A brief video was shown on chasing one’s dreams and attaining success.

According to Carvalho, “We can change our future through music.” Irina the other spokesperson came on stage and introducing herself said, “I’m here with Varun to talk about the suicide awareness week, and how we should learn to give wings to our dreams, to make them come true. Thinking positive helps us grow into positive people”.

They shared their belief that everyone is unique and each one can achieve their dream. They sang songs that held messages of life and hope. After every song they explained steps towards realization of dreams. The session was interactive with the students joining in the songs. Spot prizes were given to those who answered questions.