DBC BBA(T&T) organizes Workshop with PACT

The students from the Department of Business Administration (Travel & Tourism) participated in a three day workshop organized by the Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Trust. PACT, aims to catalyze the development of mediation and consensual dispute resolution across the nation through its initiatives. The workshop was conducted by Gracious Timothy, an advocate, and Jonathan Rodrigues, a certified mediator, who are also the founders of the organization.

One of the key ingredients, that is often overlooked—is the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities to negotiate for business and career success. The role of a manager in an organization and industry calls for a lot of negotiation skills. It is not about eliminating the interests of the opposition but striking a mid way balance.

Rodrigues opined that the best negotiators are those who are able to create win-win situations, in which everyone walks out thinking that the deal is a good one. While the ability to aggressively get what one wants might seem like a victory in the moment, the reality is that the lack of goodwill generated by this can cause problems down the road.

The students were actively engaged through cases studies, role plays and group work. They  were trained on essential skills required for a good negotiation outcome.

At the end of the workshop the participants realised that, communication is an essential requirement for negotiation and must include proper tone of voice, respecting the other parties’ opinions and clarity.