Counselling center




The Carreno Counseling Center was developed with a view towards empowerment of youth to their full potential and subsequently their all round development. It began as a province venture!

The Services We Provide

1. Counseling in different institutions.

This entails going to different schools, Higher Secondary Schools as well as Colleges on request. The services include personal counseling i.e one to one interaction with students coupled with group sessions on different topics pertaining to their respective age group. We believe in empowering individuals.

2. Parents

A prepared and organized training program for parents is another area that is catered to. Parents often have to multitask with roles of homemaker versus breadwinner cum role models which is a pleasant as well as sometimes bittersweet experience. Through our sessions we try to make the burden a little less by giving them tips on how to deal with their children in a more effective manner. This also includes personal counseling if the parents so require.

3. Teachers

Within a School ambient, there are programs offered to the teachers focus on related issues. Through our sessions we offer a platform wherein the teachers can come out with problems they face everyday and work towards improving the situation, finding a solution, and subsequently offer tips to help them through.

Carreno Counseling Centre Today

Today we provide services to the following institutions:-

  • Government College Vinoda, Pernem (Every Tuesday)
  • Auxillium Convent High School (Every Thursday)
  • Margaret Bosco Boys Sadan (M.B.B.S) (Mondays and Thursdays)