Skill Enhancement through Internships

48 students of the department of Physical Education from Don Bosco College, Panaji, underwent an internship program in the month of Feb, 2017. This exposed them to teaching and handling the different challenges associated with coaching, organization and management in sports. They were placed in different schools across the state of Goa for sixteen days, during which they were under the guidance of the physical education teacher of the concerned school. In the course of the internship, the students took on various responsibilities like training in different games, teaching the fundamentals of games and sports, health education, sports medicine and organizing events. They also imparted training in drilling and marching. The internship was organized on the guidelines and the lessons learnt from the BPEd curriculum which covers topics ranging from Recreation to Management and Health education to biomechanics. At the end of the internship, the students benefitted greatly and came to know about putting into practice the different teaching skills acquired by them. They also realized the importance of professionalism and work ethics in their career.