Staff Orientation at DBC: Back to Basics

The Academic Year commenced with a workshop on ‘Back to Basics’ by Allan Pinto, Corporate Trainer for the staff at Don Bosco College, Panjim on 15th June, 2018. Fr. Joaquim Lobo, Manager and Cedric Silveira, Principal welcomed the teachers at the outset. Pinto spoke on the difference in problems faced by teachers today and in the past. Previously the problems were simpler in nature like: running in the corridors, untidy dress and incomplete homework. Today the problems are more complex in nature like HIV, Juvenile sex, Drugs etc. He cautioned teachers against the habit of falling into the rut of routine. He said that a teacher must be truthful, respectful, caring, efficiency, approachable, kind and encouraging. Pinto ended by saying that teaching still remains one of the noblest professions.

A second session on stress management was conducted by Liza Ann Pinto, Counselor. She spoke about the fight or fight response in crisis situation. A little stress is good but too much stress has a negative impact and takes a toll on the person’s mind and body. She encouraged the teachers to take up positive thinking and manage time effectively.

The last session was by Rev. Fr. Edison Fernandes on the preventive system of Don Bosco based on reason, religion and rapport. He said,”Education should address the fundamental yearnings of the heart, the mind and the spirit.

The staff was enthused by the inspiring and motivating sessions.