Governing Body  Members of the Local Managing Committee
     Fr.  Felix Fernandes Chairman anf Provincial            Fr.Savio Gomes Rector Chairman
     Fr. Avil Rodrigues Vice Chairman and Vice Provincial            Fr.Wilfred Fernandes Managert & Secretary
     Fr. Juse Sequeira Treasurer and Economer            Fr.Avin Carvalho Member
     Fr. Avin Carvalho Member            Mr. Cedric Silveira Member and Principal
     Fr. Tamatur Cardozo Member            Mr. Juse Noronha Member and Advisor
     Fr .Clive Telles Member            Mr.Jovito Lopes Member
           Mr. Marian Pineiro



Don Bosco College, Panajim warmly welcomes you and offers you a unique opportuniity to groom yourselves into well-formed personalities in every sense of the word. We are part of a global network of Catholic institutions, originally founded by St.John Bosco popularly known as Don Bosco (Italian for Father Bosco).

The uniqueness of Don Bosco’s educational style is that it is based on the Family Spirit. Don Bosco wanted all his institutions to have a family atmosphere, with reason,religion and loving kindness as the pillars, and joy and optimism as a distinctive hallmark.

True to our Founder’s inspiration, we at Don Bosco College, Panjim strive to assist young people develop themselves physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually so that growing into cultured and knowledge-filled persons , imbued with a strong and sensitive social conscience, our students will not only be successfl in their respective professional fields, but also involve themselves in noble ventures that will bring about transformation in society.While we continue to raise the bar as regards academic excellence and integral development through the various facilities we offer on the campus, the crowning of all our educational efforts will be to give back to society young men and women outstanding for their integrity of character, compassion of heart and a deep sense of the Divine.

Together we can make this happen!

Fr. Savio Gomes SDB

Rector and Chairman of LMC


Don Bosco College is a place where a student acquires a cutting edge, knowledge, skill and competency. The linkage between academics and industry ensures that the programs are relevant to the modern day needs. The academic strength of the Don Bosco College is drawn from the quality, tradition, practice of Don Bosco educational institutions worldwide.

Studying in this college will be a great experience, as students are provided challenging opportunities to learn and grow through interactive practice. We ensure that our courses meet outstanding standards while they are also conductive to spiritual development.

We offer our students good facilities, an excellent study environment as well as the best recreational facilities.

Fr.Wilfred Fernandes

Manager / Secretary,LMC