1.   All students are expected to abide by the rules of the College

*   Students should endeavour to maintain high standards of the institution by their good manners, behaviour and dress.

*   Students have to be punctual for lectures and practicals. They will not be permitted into the classroom or laboratory if they are late by more than five minutes.

*   Attendance for classes, practicals and tests is compulsory. Every student should have at least 75% attendance in each subject/practical in order to appear for the Goa University exam at the end of the each semester. Absence from lectures, practicals and tests must be justified in writing to the satisfaction of the Principal. In case of illness, a medical certificate should be submitted; otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear for the supplementary examination.

*   No student may leave the college premises during class hours without permission from the Principal.

*   Students are expected to follow dates indicated on the notice board in respect to the submission of examination forms, fees, collection of mark sheets, and submission of laboratory journals, projects, and application for personal verification of marks and other announcements. Omission to take note of such announcements shall not be a valid excuse for non-compliance thereof.

*    Any form of intimidation or humiliation or ragging is strictly prohibited. Anyone found ragging is likely to be punished which may include expulsion from the college. (GU/V/Circular/42/2005/5645 dt.18-03-05)

*   Smoking, drugs and consumption of alcohol will not be permitted within the college premises.

*   Any damage to college properly must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

*   Use of mobile phones in the classrooms and college corridors is not permitted. Mobile phones  will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the semester / term.

– Students, who discontinue their studies midway, will be given refunds as per University norms.

2.     Identity Card

All students are expected to wear their ID card at all times in the college premises.
3.     Dress Code

Students will adhere to the prescribed dress code else they will face disciplinary action.
4.   Arrival and Departure from the Premises

*   Students are expected to arrive in the college premises only half an hour before their class and remain in the premises only half an hour after classes except when they have specific library/lab work, in which case, they should be in the library or lab and nowhere else. Students should also note that college premises means within the vicinity of the college. If anyone is seen loitering outside the college but within the vicinity beyond the prescribed time, disciplinary action will be taken against them.

*   Only students of the college are allowed to enter the college premises. In case of any emergency, outsiders are requested to contact the college office and obtain necessary permission/notify the purpose of their visit.

*   No outsiders or visitors will be allowed to enter the classroom/library and computer labs.

5.     Library

  • Decorum of the library has to be maintained.
  • The college library is open to teachers and students on all working days between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.
  • Books will be issued to students on submission of their library cards and identity cards as per the library rules.
  • Library cards will be issued to FY students on submission of the filled in form along with the fee receipt.
  • Students of S.Y. and T.Y. will have to renew their library cards by surrendering the previous card at the beginning of the academic year on submission of receipt of Xerox copy of tuition fee receipt.
  • Students from other colleges who take admission to S.Y. and T.Y. will have to pay the library deposit.
  • For library reference materials, magazines, question papers, students must submit their ID cards.  Such material cannot be taken out of the library.
  • If a student wishes to keep a book for additional number of days, he/she will have to renew the book, provided the same is not in demand.
  • Books have to be returned on due dates or else a fine will be charged.
  • In case the book is lost or damaged, the student shall replace the same or pay the charges that are applicable.
  • Students should present their ID Cards whenever they are asked to do so by the librarian.
  • Library deposits are refundable and have to be collected within a month of notification.

6.      Computer Labs

Only students who have practicals will be allowed into the lab.
Those with permission slips will be permitted entry and will sign the register kept for the purpose.

7.    Sports/NSS/ Cultural Activities

*   Sports facilities are available for students but not during class hours.

*   Those participating in competitions/programmes organized by the college/Goa University/Sports Authority with the permission of the college will be given attendance concession for those days.
8.     Staff Student Relations

*   Students are expected to maintain respectful and cordial relations with the staff members.

*   Students should not enter the staff room without permission.