Workshop on Screenplay and Screening of ‘Juze’ at DBC

There are no rules in creativity”, rightly stated Miransha Naik, whose film, ‘Juze’, has travelled to Hong Kong and Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). The well-known director conducted a workshop for the Mass Communication students on Don Bosco College, Panjim on the 12th of July 2018 after which he screened the film. This was the first movie screening of the Don Bosco Film Club, this academic year. Dignitaries_on_stage

The occasion began with the compere, Shripad Kurtarkar, a First Year student, welcoming the gathering. This was followed by the principal Cedric Silvera introducing Miransha Naik to the audience. Naik declared the occasion open by clapping the clapboard. Along with the principal and chief guest, were present manager, Fr. Joaquim Lobo and department co-coordinator, Disha Mashelkar.

The workshop began with Miransha discussing ‘film production’ and ‘screen play’ in a broad arena. He focused on the film ‘Lagaan’ as to what works and doesn’t in a film. Miransha_Naik_declaring_the_workshop_open

I am not here to teach, but to discuss.” He said after which he conversed on the screenplay and direction of the film with respect to other movies. “We must know and understand what the film is about first.” He went on to explain.

One of his short films was screened, followed by questions from the students to help understand concepts and screenplay better.

After a brief interval, ‘Juze’ was finally screened. The film takes a look at the dark side of migrant exploitation in Goa, where a landlord abuses and exploits a teenager. As events unfold, the teen realizes that unless he confronts the object of his terror, his freedom is at stake.

After the screening, questions were posed to Naik regarding direction, boldness and controversial plots. He said that for most scriptwriters it is the story finding them and not them finding a story.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks being proposed by first year student, Pranali Mantri.